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Review Your Employee Benefits Package

Want to get a feel for how changing your employee benefits package could affect your overall budget?

The Benefit Balancer can help you. It’s a free tool that gives you a simple and quick way to explore the possibilities of changing your package. Based on your company details, it provides:

  • indicative costs for a number of employee benefits*
  • the likely cost of sickness absence to your company**
  • the amount you could potentially save on absence if you provide Income Protection***

With 36% of staff saying their employee benefits package was the reason they stayed****, it’s an important thing to get it right.

*Provided by JLT, one of the world’s largest Employee Benefit Consultants

**Based on Cebr research, 2012

***Costs saved through Occupational Sick Pay and other indirect costs

****Mercer: What’s working survey, 2012


Because everyone needs a back-up plan

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